10 Astonishing Benefits Found in CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

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As a pet owner, you no doubt know the worry and anxiety you go through when your dog gets sick. Sure, you can take her to a veterinarian. But often you just want to do something to help.

You can:

There is a natural substance that…

  • has no side effects
  • relieves pain
  • reduces inflammation
  • is good for the heart
  • increases the appetite
  • reduces anxiety
  • even kills cancer cells
  • …and it’s 100% safe to use

In this article, I will tell you why CBD oil for dogs is not only a good idea but an essential idea. CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. It’s found in the cannabis plant. You may have heard of it as marijuana. And if you are recoiling in terror, thinking, “but that’s a dangerous gateway drug,” you have a LOT to learn!

Let’s get one thing straight right off:

CBD oil can NOT get your dog high. It is non-psychoactive and completely safe to use with any pet, not just dogs. OK, maybe not the goldfish… But you get what I mean.

The stuff that gets you high in cannabis is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD oil is usually sourced from hemp, not actually from cannabis. THC amounts can be traced in hemp. But in concentrations so low that you’d need to consume a couple of large bales of hemp to get any kind of effect! And that isn’t practical.

The fact is:

CBD is non-toxic. It is impossible to overdose on CBD. It is therefore perfectly safe to use, either for humans or for your dog.

Here then are 10 astonishing benefits found in CBD oil for dogs:

1 – CBD oil is a very powerful painkiller

CBD is being considered as a new class of drug, because of its impressive ability to alleviate chronic pain. It’s also particularly good at decreasing nerve-related pain. And CBD is especially effective at reducing inflammation.

If you take your dog to the vet for pain relief, you’ll get handed pills. The medicine will probably work on your dog, but there will probably be side effects too. Maybe not really bad side effects, but side effects to some degree.

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Give your dog CBD oil for pain and there won’t be a single side effect. It’s a natural substance. Your dog can’t overdose on it. And it’s completely safe and very effective. Your dog won’t get high either. She might get happy, though – happy to be rid of the pain.

When it comes to anti-inflammatory remedies, CBD is the best all-natural remedy there is:

The vanilloid receptor in the brain is responsible for the sensation of pain. CBD interacts with the neurons in the brain of your dog and stops them being activated. With the vanilloid receptor blocked by CBD, your dog feels no pain or a significant reduction in pain.

There’s more:

2 – CBD oil is effective in treating your dog’s diabetes

Maybe you just thought, “but my dog doesn’t have diabetes.” That’s still a really good reason for giving your dog CBD oil.

A study published in 2012 demonstrated that marijuana users have a significantly decreased likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes. The compounds in marijuana responsible for this effect are also to found in CBD oil.

Inflammation present in the pancreatic cells will be reduced through the intake of CBD oil. This will help to treat the disease or reduce the risk of getting it. CBD can have a positive effect on insulin dysfunction, the main cause of diabetes in dogs.

3 – CBD oil will help your dog to sleep better

Most dogs sleep just fine, but some don’t. Some dogs are restless and end up sleeping less than they should. A sleep-deprived dog is not a happy dog.

There’s a solution:

CBD oil will allow your dog to be more relaxed and much less restless. Your dog will sleep deeper and better within days of taking CBD. This will result in a healthier, happier dog. Remember, dogs tend to sleep around 50% of the day. Sometimes it’s just short naps, and sometimes it’s for longer spells.

4 – CBD oil can control your dog’s seizures

If your dog is having seizures, she needs an anticonvulsant. CBD is an anticonvulsant and a natural one at that. Around 5% of all dogs suffer from seizures. Phenobarbital and potassium bromide are among the drugs commonly given in such circumstances.

They usually work to some degree, but they are not natural remedies. CBD is completely natural and safe. CBD has no side effects either.

Severe cases of epilepsy in humans have shown significant reductions of seizures through the use of CBD. This is often when all else had failed to make any difference. It works just the same with dogs.

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5 – CBD oil will greatly reduce your dog’s anxiety

Does your dog have noise phobias? Or separation anxiety? CBD oil will help! If your dog suffers from anxiety you may have noticed your dog:

  • Barking excessively
  • Chewing household furniture, or other objects
  • Having tremors,
  • Being aggressive
  • Urinating and defecating in the house

These symptoms and others will be reduced, or even eliminated, through giving your dog CBD oil. CBD doesn’t just tackle the physical symptoms either. It goes much deeper than that:

Recent research suggests that CBD works in a similar way to other medications. It targets 5-HT1A, a type of seratonin receptor found in the body.

There’s one major difference:

The medications are not natural compounds. CBD oil is a natural compound.

6 – CBD oil can help your dog if it has cancer

Is CBD oil a cancer cure for dogs? Yes and maybe… CBD can prevent cancer cells from growing, thereby stopping the disease from getting any worse. It has been shown to induce cancer cell death – destroying cancer, in other words.

If your dog is diagnosed with cancer, put her on a daily regime of CBD oil immediately. An Australian holistic veterinarian, Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, has had amazing results with dogs and cancer using CBD oil. You can too!

7 – CBD oil will give your dog her appetite back

Sometimes a dog can lose her appetite. The reasons may not be obvious. It could be that your dog is feeling nauseated. CBD oil will fix that:

CBD will interact with neurons in the brain to reduce nausea and stimulate appetite. Your dog will be eating heartily in no time.

If your dog is not eating properly because of illness or disease, she needs plenty of food to help fight the illness. A good appetite will provide your pet with the energy required to ward off sickness. Remember, if your dog does not get the nourishment she needs, she will succumb to the disease.

CBD oil is exactly what you need.

8 – CBD oil will effectively treat arthritis in your dog

Dogs get arthritis, just like we humans do. Give your dog a regular regime of CBD oil to combat arthritis and watch your pooch get better – fast! The same goes for any other kind of pain.

Your vet will give her NSAIDs, non-steroidal drugs, to combat arthritis. These drugs are not really safe, and they do have side effects. Often quite nasty side effects.

By far the best natural remedy with no side effects is CBD oil. It will reduce inflammation and relieve any pain she has. If CBD oil is given to your dog before she develops arthritis, it will keep the joints inflammation-free. In other words, she will be unlikely to develop arthritis.

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9 – CBD oil is an effective antiemetic

If your dog is suffering from nausea and vomiting, CBD oil is your best answer. Your vet will likely prescribe drugs like aminopentamide, chlorpromazine or acepromazine. These will be reasonably effective, but they will have side effects:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Hypotension
  • Lethargy
  • Drooling excessively

CBD oil, on the other hand, will effectively control nausea and vomiting with absolutely no side effects. It will also stimulate the appetite and lessen any anxiety your pet may have.

A study suggests that CBD oil is a much better solution to nausea and vomiting than any of the drugs currently on the market.

10 – CBD oil promotes perfect homeostasis

What is homeostasis, you ask? It’s everything in your body, or your dog’s body, working in perfect harmony. It is the ideal state for anyone’s body to be in. When you have homeostasis, you don’t have any disease.

When a body is not in homeostasis, disease and sickness can set in. It is believed that the endocannabinoid system in the body is highly important in maintaining this balance and harmony we call homeostasis.

CBD is a cannabinoid, and it can stimulate the endocannabinoid system in bodies, thereby promoting homeostasis. CBD oil isn’t just for making things better. It will keep disease and sickness at bay.

How do I choose a good CBD oil for my dog?

It’s a great question:

CBD oils are not all the same. There are good ones and not so good ones. For a start, choose an organic CBD oil. If the one you choose is not organic, expect to have pesticides and fungicides in the oil.

Cheaper is not better. Don’t go cheap when choosing a CBD oil for your dog. Higher priced oils will be purer and contain no additives. The percentage of CBD in the oil is likely to be higher too (aim for 5% at least).

While dog treats that have CBD oil in them are OK, it’s better to get CBD as a tincture. This will allow you to have full control over how much CBD oil your dog ingests.

Now that you know the facts about CBD oil for dogs, don’t you think you owe it to your dog to at least give it a try? Go on – you’ll be glad you did! Click here to find out more…

CBD oil for dogs will keep your dog healthy and fit. CBD oil has amazing benefits for dogs that will astonish you. ##cbdfordogs
CBD oil for dogs has some amazing benefits for your dog that will simply astonish you. You owe it to your dog to get her CBD oil for dogs, so she can lead a long and healthy life! ##cbdfordogs
When you get CBD oil for dogs, you will start to see a dramatic change in your pet. She will become more dynamic, with more energy, and have a healthier life overall. If your dog is a senior, then CBD oil for dogs is perfect for giving her a happy and healthy time in her old age. You really should consider CBD oil for dogs for your dog! #cbdfordogs
Have you tried this? I did, and I'm amazed at the results. CBD oil for dogs really works! My dog is looking better, acting happier, and has a LOT more energy than before. Check out the article! #cbdoilfordogs #cbdfordogs
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